FARO DE VIGO and GCIENCIA have reported that the Spanish medical multinational company Ziacom will market a biomaterial obtained from shark teeth, the results of the Biofast project of the University of Vigo. The biomaterials has clinical application for bone reconstruction after trauma or bone tumors , as well as in dental applications.

The Biofast Project (Bio Fluor Apatite Shark Teeth), promoted by researchers from the New Materials Group Pío González, Julia Sierra and Stefano Chiussi, is part of a European circular economy initiative for the valuation of resources and fishing discards. Our experience in ceramic materials and the abundant discharges  of small sharks from sustainable fishing, in the Port of Vigo, led to the development of a biocompatible bioceramic from shark  teeth that allows bone tissue recovery prior placement of dental implants as well as treating human bones damaged by fractures or diseases. The material has physicochemical characteristics very similar to bone tissue, useful as product in clinical application for bone reconstruction after trauma or for dental applications.



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