After more than thirty years of research activities, our “New Materials” group at the Universidade de Vigo is considered as a well-established broad, stable and active work team in the field of New Materials and Surface Science & Technology. We are a multidisciplinary group that has been recognized by the Xunta de Galicia as “Group of Excellence”.

In the last decade, our efforts have been focused towards research lines oriented to the development of biomaterials, chiral optical materials and material processing using laser techniques, to apply in various areas such as medicine, microelectronics, photovoltaics, artistic heritage, etc.

In addition, we a have a transversal line of activity dedicated to the Dissemination of Research and Science in order to promote a scientific culture in society.

We started our activity with the study of new laser techniques for manufacturing micro- and opto-electronic devices, as well as coatings for the protection of metals against corrosion and wear.

New research lines are launched, such as the growth and modification of nanocrystalline semiconductor alloys and of biocompatible coatings. We also initiated our “Spreading Science”, to promote a better understanding of our scientific and technological activities and to stimulate scientific culture in society.

We began our research related to the manufacture of bio-inspired ceramics, the valuation of marine resources and waste, as well as to the treatment and analysis of surfaces for the conservation of cultural heritage.

The research activities related to the development of new semiconductors are expanded and internationalized through networks of excellence, which include groups from the UE, the USA and Japan.

Our activity in the field of biomedical engineering is intensified through the constitution and leadership of the “Galician Biomaterials Network” and later the coordination of the “Bioengineering Network Institute for Healthy Aging” (Instituto de Bioingeniería en Red para el Envejecimiento Saludable – IBEROS).

The group’s research offers in bioengineering, nanotechnology and photonics is completed by a new research field focused on the synthesis and functionalization of chiral molecules for sensor applications. We also intensified our technology transfer activity under the auspices of the IGNICIA program (GAIN, Xunta de Galicia).