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FA3 - New Materials Group


Images of some experimental set-ups


  • Opto-mechanical Hardware

Optical benches

Laser beam homogenizers and mask projection unit for 193 nm radiation

Microlas (Spot sizes 4x4 mm2 - 6x6 mm2)

Exitech EX-HS-700D (10 different spot sizes)
( 0.4 x 0.8 mm2 - 5.2 x 10.5 mm2 )

ELA, ELC and PLIE system
Mask projection unit for 193 nm

Motorized XYZ - stage under inert gas atmosphere
  • Detectors, Measurement Equipments and other Sources
Portable RF power supply
Nd:YAG detectors
193 nm detectors
Detector (400-1100nm)

  • Ovens, Equipments for Biological and Chemical experiments and other equipments

Oven for pyrolisis

Oven for Si infiltration

Oven for oxydation
Induction heater with pyrometer

Distiller Water bath
CO2 incubator
Ultra low temp. freezer
Ultrasonic bath Heater Vacuum chucks Vacuum cleaner
Laminar flow bench (Biolab)
Laminar flow bench (Laserlab) (Class < 2 ISO-14644-1)

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